Our Value:

  1. Education: The Terry SMIF will provide a valuable avenue to deliver high quality education to students in the Banking and Finance Department of the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business. By managing the investments of the Terry SMIF, finance students will gain valuable hands-on experience in security evaluation and portfolio management. In addition to improving analytical skills, the SMIF program should also develop writing, presentation, and leadership skills for the student managers. The Terry SMIF will be operated in association with a formal academic class, FINA 4150- Investment & Portfolio Management. FINA 4150 meets both in the fall and spring semesters, with students earning 1.5 credit hours per semester.
  2. Financial Management of UGA Foundation Assets: The Terry SMIF includes funds directed from the UGA Foundation’s long-term pool for management in addition to those gifted to the Fund from donors. The Terry SMIF will manage the gifts that have been directed to the fund with fiduciary care for long-term enhancement of the Terry College of Business. The financial goals of the Terry SMIF are to foster long-term growth of the fund into perpetuity and to generate periodic earnings that support Terry College programs.
  3. Financial Support to Terry College of Business programs: Earnings from the funds gifted to Terry SMIF may be utilized to support: (a) investment research and operational expenses of the Terry SMIF, (b) activities, travel, and other programs to enhance the education of students in the Banking and Finance Department of the Terry College, (c) other needs within the Terry College, as determined by the Board of Trustees of the Terry SMIF. This financial support falls under the rules and regulations of the UGA Foundation. Distribution of earnings will not be to the detriment of the goal of growing the fund.

Mission Statement: Provide undergraduate students with a unique learning experience through portfolio management, security evaluation, and a support network.   

Why Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF):

  • If, as a student, you seek to develop your financial acumen and want to join a network of colleagues who are curious about the equity market, then apply to SMIF.
  • If, as an alumni, you want to give back to UGA and the Terry College of Business, then come to SMIF to share your ideas and educate our analysts.
  • If, as a recruiter, you search for talented and ambitious students that can contribute to your company’s mission, and culture, then drop by our class to discover your new hires.  

About Us:

The Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) is a 3 credit hour (1.5 credits per semester) course where students will have the opportunity to manage a long-only value fund investing in U.S. equities. Students will be responsible for managing over $1.6M of capital from alumni and the University of Georgia Foundation. Entry into the fund is highly competitive. The interview process occurs in the spring semester each year and attracts top students from the Terry College of Business.

Students accepted into the fund will be divided into eight industry sector teams that align with their preferences. These teams will be expected to research and follow securities in their industry sectors and will periodically present potential investment opportunities to the class.

Sectors: Consumer Staples, Consumer Discretionary, Energy, Equity Strategies, Financials, Healthcare, Industrials, REITs & Misc., and Technology, Media, and Telecom (TMT)