While Terry does not have a blanket computer requirement, some programs, including the Terry MBA program, require students to own a laptop. Also, many undergraduate and graduate courses require access to a Windows-based laptop. Check with your program advisor to determine specific requirements. The University of Georgia Bookstore has vendor relationships that offer students a competitive price. Visit the UGA Bookstore website to buy a laptop configured and priced for UGA students. Terry College has also worked with Dell to provide additional laptop models priced for Terry Students at https://dell.com/UGA.

Laptop Support

It is each student’s responsibility to ensure his/her laptop is functioning properly and is able to connect to the PAWS Secure wireless network. Computer repair is available at the UGA Bookstore. See the UGA Bookstore Computer Store page (About Us) for hours and information.

PC or Mac?

Terry College’s Office of IT (OIT) highly recommends that you do not purchase a Mac if you are not prepared to deal with the added complications, cost, and time required to install Windows on a Mac. Since many business software applications do not run on the Mac OS, some Terry College courses will require access to a Windows-based laptop. If you own a Mac, you may be required to install Windows on top of VMware Fusion to run required course software.

Alternatively, UGA’s vLab makes University-supported software available to students, faculty, and staff on their personal computers (Mac/PC) and tablets. The software has the same functionality as if it was installed on a personally-owned computer. While not all of UGA’s supported software is installed on the virtual lab, several applications, including Microsoft Office, SPSS, STATA, and MATLAB are available. For more information, visit: https://eits.uga.edu/support/vlab/


iPad or Android tablets work great for note-taking, browsing, and information consumption. However, you will need a laptop for homework and other activities. Be prepared to bring your laptop on days when faculty require laptops for in-class activities.

Test Your Laptop

Recommended Laptop Specifications

Processor Intel "i" series processor (i3, i5, or better)
RAM 6 to 8 GB
Hard Drive 256GB
Optical Drive CD-RW/DVD-RW
Network Card Wireless B/G/N
Ports HDMI
Note: DisplayPort(DP), Mini DisplayPort, or other digital connections require HDMI adapter
Screen 1280×800 or higher (minimum resolution 1024x768)

Other Options to Consider

  • A 3-year warranty covering parts + on-site labor (next business day)
  • Complete care warranty that will repair/replace your laptop regardless of type of damage
  • USB memory stick or USB backup hard drive
  • Surge protector
  • High speed internet service (cable modem or DSL) at home

Free Office 365 ProPlus for Students

UGA students can install Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus for free on up to five devices with Windows or Mac operating systems through the Student Advantage program. Office 365 ProPlus includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. Learn more about the Student Advantage program.

Business Learning Community Team Rooms

Team rooms support HDMI (digital) ports or, via an adapter, other digital ports like DisplayPort or Mini DisplayPort. VGA (analog) is not supported in the new team rooms. A sample HDMI cable is shown below; this is what will be present in the team rooms for connection to displays.