The design of accounting systems to serve the internal needs of management with an emphasis on underlying theory. Product costing, including activity-based costing; budgeting and other planning applications, information for decision making, planning and control application for decentralized organizations.

Duplicate Credit

Not open to students with credit in ACCT 5100 or ACCT 5100H

Semester Course Offered

Offered fall and spring semester every year.

Grading System

A-F (Traditional)


ACCT 6000

Nontraditional Format

Students analyze three Harvard-style business cases on different management accounting topics. This analysis requires higher level integration and application of course content, coupled with extensive technical analysis, in proposing effective solutions to realistic ill-structured business problems. The cases will be distributed the first week of class.

Athena Title


Syllabi ACCT 7100
Credit Hours 3.0