The Altria Executive Seminar Series is an important component of the MMR curriculum. Throughout the program, marketing research practitioners take time from busy schedules to visit the UGA campus and share their industry insight with MMR students. The series offers a valuable supplement to the traditional program coursework and provides a medium for introducing MMR students to the latest industry trends and practices.

All seminars are scheduled for 3:30 – 5:00 pm. Seminars are are only open to students in the MMR program.

2017-2018 Series

Date Speaker + Company Topic
August 23, 2017 Remy Denton, SKIM and Brooke Shafer, AT&T Client vs. Supplier Side
September 28, 2017 Anna Saffer, 84.51 Using Data to Personalize the Customer Experience
October 2, 2017 Mark Wiser and Lori Wiser, Wiser Insights Group Strategies, Techniques, and Approaches that Harvest Insightful Information
October 6, 2017 Caroline Smiley and Rana El Nahas, Delta Millenial Research and International Research
October 25, 2017 Clark Jones, Coca-Cola Cross-Functional Capabilities in Marketing Research
January 11, 2018 Mike Flemming, Prophet Brand Relevance Index
January 18, 2018 Lindsay Zaltman, Olson Zaltman Tapping into the Consumer Unconsciousness
January 24, 2018 Laura Dahlgren, Rich Farrell, and Brandis Brooks, Altria Consumer & Marketplace Insights to Support New Product Development
February 21, 2018 Pavi Gupta, J&J Vistakon Moving from Insights to Action
March 1, 2018 Josh Reed, Nestle/Purina Conducting Research in Pet Care
April 5, 2018 Charlie Farr, Chick-fil-A Voice of Customer – Insights in Action
April 11, 2018 Pavi Gupta, Vistakon J&J Moving from Insights to Action
April 12, 2018 Cameron Maddux, Mailchimp Segmentation at MailChimp
April 19, 2018 Brett Townsend, Electrolux Bigger Issues Facing the Insights Industry
April 20, 2018 Mike Courtney, Aperio Insights Designing Testing for Cannabis Industry

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