For nearly two decades, the Terry Third Thursday breakfast speaker series in Atlanta has brought provocative and entertaining speakers to Atlanta to share their stories and successes. Here are 11 of our favorites insights from the TTT archive

TTT has been running continuously since March 2000.

  1. 1. Find intuition and passion in your business. It’s not about numbers all the time. Your financial accounts may be very good, but we never remember financial accounts. We remember the legacy. Businesses should have legacies of import to all of us.
    - Derreck Kayongo, CEO of the Center for Civil and Human Rights, Jan. 2017 (25:06)

  2. 2. At the heart of a [business] relationship are trust, empathy, and courage. You need to learn how to trust. You can't manage everything, learn how to trust and work with others. You need the ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes – what drives others. Understand others. You need the courage of conviction: it's about managing your anxieties and doing the thing you are scared of doing.
    - Tony Maddox, EVP and managing director of CNN International, Oct. 2015 (16:41)

  3. 3. My number one important tenet in management philosophy and leadership – how to become a successful organization and put together a successful team – boils down to the people you hire and how you manage them, how you train them, how you empower, how you honor them and support them and get out of their way and let them work.
    – John Schuerholz, former president of the Atlanta Braves, Nov. 2013 (2:39)

  4. 4. Find a mentor. Find somebody somewhere along the way that's going to be a real influence on you, that will make a real difference in your life.
    – Pete Van Wieren, Atlanta Braves Radio Network, March 2014 (passed away Aug. 2014) (8:25)

  5. 5. There's no traffic jam in the extra mile. You have to do what it takes to get the job done ... It's not what's in the job description, it's what needs to be done. 
    – Gregory J. Harbaugh, former NASA Astronaut and past president/CEO of Sigma Chi Foundation, Feb. 2014 (36:18)

  6. 6. Learn to reinvent yourself: we always need to be able to reinvent ourselves. Business is constantly changing. The only thing in a business that is constant is the fact that it is changing. We need to be able to adapt to new situations, to think about change and take advantage of it.
    – Dean Benjamin C. Ayers, Terry College of Business, Sept. 2015 (18:30)

  7. 7. An idea that has helped me think about entrepreneurship is that in our society you can either earn a wage or you can make a profit... There is risk involved if you are going to make a profit, but there are more rewards.
    – Dan Cathy, CEO of Chick-fil-A, October 2013 (7:12)

  8. 8. A brand is a promise plus an experience which leads to a relationship… When you manage your personal brand, be true to yourself.
    – Jerry Wilson, former global chief customer and commercial officer for The Coca-Cola Company, Feb. 2009 (14:47)

  9. 9. Kate's Club empowers children to share their struggles and offer advice to each other. Empower yourself by empowering others… Share your story, recognize the impact you have, and seize the momentum you create by empowering people.
    – Kate Atwood, founder of Kate's Club (a nonprofit organization for grieving children), May 2008 (7:35)

  10. 10. We need to make the foundation of our businesses more than just about the bottom line ... Let's do it in a way that we have a positive impact on human lives. We must empower people to dream, open their hearts, and think differently about life… Bring brands to life by creating memorable human experiences, that's the power of the human touch.
    – Susan McWhorter Driscoll, co-founder of Ignition Inc., July 2007 (15:35)

  11. 11. If there is a problem affecting one part of the world, it should be a responsibility of any human being living on this planet – you don’t have to be famous or build a pyramid or be a Nobel prize winner, but you can make a difference in your everyday life with your family and community.
    - Dikembe Mutombo, retired professional basketball player, Atlanta Hawks, Jan. 2011 (23:12)

— Compiled by Juan Agurcia