Chris Barton
Purchasing the old Columbia and Warner Brothers studio lots transformed Barton from real estate developer to studio executive. Now called Sunset Gower Studios and Sunset Bronson Studios (home to game shows like "Let's Make A Deal"), the combined studios comprise 23 stages and nearly 1 million square feet of E! world real estate.

Chris Barton is like Hollywood and Vine — a meeting point, a nexus where things happen. A steward of the Hollywood Walk of Fame and an EVP at Hudson Pacific Properties, Barton (MBA ’92) bestrides not one, but two glittering worlds: L.A. real estate and E!

Chris Barton’s office at Gower Sunset Studios in downtown Hollywood once belonged to Harry Cohn, founder of Columbia Pictures, who developed quite a reputation here. It’s said that auditions by early Hollywood starlets included real-life scenes on Cohn’s casting couch. Male actors found the mogul tyrannical, a ruthless studio head with the power to make or break careers with the crook of a finger.

In Barton, this old studio office houses a wholly different kind of executive — a family guy, a collaborator, and a Terry-educated real estate developer who’s as smart as a whip . . . but never in need of one.

Barton and his colleagues at Hudson Pacific Properties audition investments, not actors. They assess and acquire Hollywood, southern California, and West Coast properties that may need a facelift up front, but that then bring stable, long-term returns to shareholders.

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