The University of Georgia Alumni Association recognized the 100 fastest-growing companies owned or operated by UGA alumni during the seventh annual Bulldog 100 Celebration on Jan. 30 at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis.

Seventy-two Terry alumni were represented on the list, accounting for exactly half of the 100 businesses honored.

The Terry alumni rank, name and business are listed below.

Rank Alumni Business
5 Melissa Eisele (BBA ’97) Specialized Veterinary Services
6 Tracy Bates (BBA ’87) 6 Degrees Group
6 Bucky Cook (BBA ’77) Your Pie Franchising
6 Drew A. French (BBA ’05) Your Pie Franchising
7 Thad Gilliam (BBA ’07) Verisail Partners
7 Taylor Stanfill (BBA ’06) Verisail Partners
7 Scott Voigt (BBA ’07, MACC ’08) Verisail Partners
14 T.J. Callaway (BBA ’07) Onward Reserve
15 Michael Bryan (BBA ’89) Vino Venue/Atlanta Wine School
17 Doug Weston (BBA ’89) Towersource, Inc.
19 Megan Ouzts (BBA ’02, JD ’05) The Spotted Trotter LLC
20 Matt Lindsay (BBA ’92, PHD ’99) Mather Economics
22 Bonneau Ansley III (BBA ’99) Ansley Atlanta Real Estate
23 Bob Sleppy (BS ’05, MBA ’10) Nuci’s Space
29 Bryan Brinson (BBA ’06) Meridian Management Group
30 John Cochran (BBA ’93) Terrapin Beer Company
30 Irina Melnik Cochran (BBA ’93) Terrapin Beer Company
30 Dustin Watts (BBA ’03) Terrapin Beer Company
32 Thomas Reed (BBA ’87) DPM Fragrance
34 James Lannen (BBA ’04) Turnkey IT Solutions, LLC
35 Nat Carmack, Jr. (BBA ’93) BOS Staffing
38 Carson B. Sears (BBA ’01) Tree Protection Supply
39 Michael Durand (BBA ’06) J&M Pool Services LLC
40 Charles Vickery (BBA ’70) Vickery Financial Services
41 Matt Hene (BBA ’03) Ironwood Insurance Services, LLC
41 Matt Lovein (BBA ’96, MBA ’00) Ironwood Insurance Services, LLC
41 Eric Ragone (BBA ’03) Ironwood Insurance Services, LLC
41 Will Underwood (BBA ’85) Ironwood Insurances Services, LLC
41 Mark Watson (BBA ’80) Ironwood Insurances Services, LLC
44 Joe Mullins (BBA ’05) Mullins Management and Entertainment
46 Mary Elizabeth R. Sprague (BBA ’02) Louie’s Café Inc.
51 Frank Eldridge (BBA ’81) Ironwood Insurance Services, LLC
55 Joshua R. Daniel (BBA ’06) Towable Tailgates
56 James Cannon (BBA ’77) Early Trucking Company
56 Bryan Willis (BBA ’85) Early Trucking Company
57 Mark Mahoney (BBA ’83) Jackrabbit Technologies
58 Mary Hester (MBA ’06) LAN Systems
59 Steve Thomas (BBA ’97) Vets Pets
65 Chris Jackson (MBA ’12) CLJ Insurance Group
68 Trey Scarborough III (BBA ’94) Zone Home Solutions
69 Diego Arteaga (BS ’85) DF International Group
71 Melaney Smith (BBA ’89) Books for Keeps
72 Jeff Fehrman (BBA ’93) Fehrman Investment Group
73 Michael Reiner (BBA ’74) Capital Investment Advisors
73 Mitch B. Reiner (BBA ’05) Capital Investment Advisors
75 Charles B. Compton, Jr. (BBA ’78) Seacrest Partners, Inc.
75 Clifford McCurry (BBA ’71) Seacrest Partners, Inc.
75 Cindy Robinett (BBA ’89) Seacrest Partners, Inc.
76 Chip Hackett (BBA ’88, MBA ’92) Ultra Car Wash
78 Mitch Hunt (BBA '80, MBA ’81) FirstAtlantic Bank
79 Nick Schkabla (BBA ’02) Professional Benefits Consultants
79 Bryan Turner (BBA ’01) Professional Benefits Consultants
81 Julie Ramirez (BBA ’06, AB ’06) Forsyth Exterminating
82 John Sipple (BBA ’00) Cay Insurance Services, Inc.
84 Kris Nordholz (BBA ’95, MBA ’96) Full Media
86 Craig Magram (BBA ’93) i9 Sports of Gwinnett County
87 John Robert Boyce (BBA ’08) Boyce Design and Contracting
87 Thomas Boyce (BBA ’07) Boyce Design and Contracting
88 Larissa Benson (BBA ’03) Remax Legends
90 Emily F. Howell (BBA ’00) Howell Orthodontics
91 Kishore Ganji (MBA ’03) Astir IT Solutions, Inc.
93 Allison O’Kelly (BBA ’94) Corps Team/Mom Corps
94 Josh Schlieman (BBA ’02) Sullivan & Schlieman Wealth Management, LLC
94 Andrew Sullivan (BBA ’89) Sullivan & Schlieman Wealth Management, LLC
95 Matt Breda (BBA ’02, MED ’05) Breda Pest Management
95 Mitchell Breda (BBA ’10) Breda Pest Management
95 Rodger Breda (BBA ’73) Breda Pest Management
99 Jimbo Floyd (BBA ’02) Turner, Wood & Smith Insurance
99 Brett E. Fowler (BBA ’08) Turner, Wood & Smith Insurance
99 Trey Wood (BBA ’08) Turner, Wood & Smith Insurance
99 Joe Wood, Jr. (BBA ’77) Turner, Wood & Smith Insurance
100 Anil Aggarwal (MBA ’94) Milestone Internet Marketing

Nominations for the 2016 Bulldog 100 were accepted between February and May 2015. To be considered for the list, each organization must have been in business for at least five years, experienced revenues in excess of $100,000 for the calendar year 2012, and be owned or operated by a former UGA student who owns at least 50 percent of the company or be the CEO, president or managing partner. The Bulldog 100 recognizes the fastest-growing businesses regardless of size by focusing on a three-year compounded annual growth rate.

More than 400 nominations were received for the 2016 Bulldog 100. The class includes companies of all sizes, providing services and products in a variety of industries, including dentistry, law, IT, consulting, retail and pest control. Companies as far west as Texas and as far northeast as New York, made the list this year. The average compounded annual growth rate for this year's Bulldog 100 businesses was 35 percent.

The 100 businesses' and the 153 alumni who lead them were recognized by the UGA Alumni Association during the event. The evening began with an optional roundtable discussion with the Bulldog 100 business owners, led by Bob Pinckney (BBA '82), UGA director of entrepreneurial programs, who was CEO of EvoShield LLC when that business was named the No. 1 fastest-growing Bulldog 100 business in 2011. The roundtable discussion was followed by a reception, dinner and the keynote address given by Jeff Dunn (BBA '80), CEO and president of C-Fresh, a division of Campbell Soup Company that includes Bolthouse Farms, Garden Fresh Gourmet, and Campbell's retail fresh soup unit.

To view the complete list of 2016 Bulldog 100 businesses or nominate a business for the 2017 Bulldog 100, see Nominations will be accepted from Feb. 1 through May 31at that website.