• If you’re standing still, you’re falling behind. Here’s some ideas on how to catch up.


    The reality of a career, much like adulthood in general, is not usually what was envisioned. There are fewer thank-yous, longer hours, less pay and more frustrations. The old adage is true: if work was fun, no one would pay you to do it.  For workers at any level, feeling a career slump can be energy draining. So how can you tell when it’s time to start looking for another job or when a few minor tweaks could renew your energy? Four Terry professors and a famed investor offer advice on what to do when you feel stuck at work.​

  • Terry’s undergraduate home has students engaged, impressed and thankful


    When Alina Taher enrolled at the University of Georgia, she knew she wanted to study business, but didn’t know which aspect to pursue until she joined Terry College’s Women in Business group as a freshman.

  • Roger Brathwaite (MBA ’16)


    What happens to an individual under 50 who suffers a stroke? That person faces the challenges of recovery compounded with the continued responsibilities of the day-to-day world.

  • Hogan Bassey (BBA ’09)


    As a child growing up in Nigeria, Hogan Bassey’s dreams of the future were not modest.

  • Casey Commons envisioned as comfortable home of shared ideas and innovation

    As Hurricane Irma whirled toward Tampa, Phillip Casey (BBA ’67) rolled down the storm shutters over the windows of his 11th-floor condo on Hillsborough Bay and calmly watched the Dallas Cowboys defeat the New York Giants on Sunday Night Football.
  • Through a century of service and ingenuity, the Benson family and its businesses have left an indelible mark on Athens and the UGA community.


    Ed Benson just returned from World War II, where he dodged bombs and prepped planes in North Africa, when his dad (and when he talks about Howard Benson, he often says “my dad”) told him he had to report to baking school.

  • Dan Amos (BBA ‘73)

    Dan Amos confesses. He was wearing a tie in his office at Aflac headquarters in Columbus. Years after his employees convinced him not to wear one in the sweltering southwest Georgia heat. And years after his daughter drew a picture of him mowing the lawn wearing a tie.

  • Brendan Abernathy, a UGA Amazing Student


    Regardless of what Brendan Abernathy ends up pursuing, he wants to help people realize their dreams. Right now, UGA is giving him the opportunity to live out his dreams — traveling the world, helping the community, pursuing his musical interests and, well, just hanging out on North Campus.​

  • Mark Kauffman (BBA ’84)


    Mark Kauffman (BBA ’84) continues to grow his 81-year-old family business while giving back to Terry College and his community

  • Chris Glass Hartley (BBA ’96)


    From pools to Adult Swim for Chris Glass Hartley