• Tao Shu

    The Dark Side of Financial Markets


    Tao Shu and his colleagues employed exhaustive research methods to look for evidence of insider trading in six years of data on each trade of NASDAQ stock and found the misuse of information seems to be very rare.

  • Rob Hoyt

    Catastrophe Securitization: A Value-added Proposition


    Catastrophe securitization is a viable alternative to insurance because it helps spread risk, saves companies from potential financial ruin, and even provides corporations and qualified investors a low risk security with a favorable return on their investment — a winning proposition for all.

  • Elena Karahanna

    Virtual House Calls: Advancements in Telemedicine


    MIS professor Elena Karahanna's initial interest in telemedicine stemmed from an NBC News report about doctor consultations via webcam. Her idea earned her a Terry-Sanford Research Award, and the resulting paper was accepted for publication.

  • Carolyn Dehring

    Land Conservation


    Does land conservation have measurable benefits capitalized into the land market? Professor Carolyn Dehring is researching the answer as part of a National Science Foundation-funded program.

  • Michael Eriksen

    Are Homeowners Better Citizens?


    The U.S. government spends $30 billion annually to encourage homeownership, but Eriksen's study challenges the widely accepted notion that homeownership creates good neighbors.

  • Vanessa Patrick

    Art affects consumer taste buds


    The Athens eatery Mama's Boy is where Assistant Professor Vanessa Patrick and doctoral student Henrik Hagtvedt briefly posed as waiters to investigate the phenomenon of art infusion. They were collecting data for groundbreaking research appearing this June in the Journal of Marketing Research.

  • Robert Vandenberg

    Terry College’s 2008 Outstanding Research Award


    Vandenberg is internationally recognized as an expert in research methods and has lead workshops or courses on research methodology in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. As a Distinguished Research Methodologist for the Center for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis, his workshops are attended by faculty and PhD students from across the U.S. and webcast to 50 different universities around the world.

  • Daniel Feldman

    Terry College’s 2007 Outstanding Research Award


    Feldman, who is associate dean for research and international programs and also holds the Synovus Chair of Servant Leadership in the Institute for Leadership Advancement, investigates how individuals make decisions to enter or change careers and how new hires adjust to new work environments and to pressure from veteran employees.

  • Maric Boudreau

    Dawning of the ‘Green IT’ era


    Maric Boudreau and Rick Watson are in the early stages of research that involves monitoring "Green IT," a new environmental movement to combat the startling fact that the global-wide use of PCs, servers, and telecom networks produces as much greenhouse gas as all of the world's airplanes. And for these two MIS professors and a collaborator from Georgia State, there's much more to Green IT than just the computer-generated pollution that's making news today.

  • Sarbanes Oxley Act

    SOX changed corporate boards and director pay


    A new study co-authored by Terry finance professors Jeff Netter and Jim Linck and former doctoral student Tina Yang finds that the landmark Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 — as well as related rule changes at major stock exchanges — have dramatically altered the makeup of corporate boards, making them larger and more independent.