Research in the J. M. Tull School of Accounting focuses on issues of importance to the accounting and business community, such as the impact of accounting information on capital markets and on the behavior of decision-makers within firms.


The PhD program in Economics provides in-depth, rigorous training in the theory and application of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Econometrics.


The Finance PhD program teaches the fundamental concepts of finance, from the workings of financial markets and intermediaries to corporate financial decision-making, leading our program graduates toward successful careers in academic or government research institutions.


The PhD Program in Management prepares students for an academic career focused on research and teaching in the management field. Two concentrations are offered. Organizational Behavior focuses on improving the attitudes and behaviors of employees and leaders. Strategic Management focuses on understanding sources of sustained competitive advantage at the firm level.

Management Information Systems

The PhD in MIS offers students a path to a research and teaching career in an array of IS fields that interest them, such as executive information systems, enterprise-resource planning (ERP) systems, knowledge management, social media, cyber infrastructure, and telemedicine.


The PhD Program in Marketing provides students with both strong empirical research skills in econometrics, psychometrics, and statistics and strong theory development in consumer behavior, psychology, and strategy.

Real Estate

The PhD in Real Estate emphasizes intensive training in real estate, economics, quantitative methods and finance with the goal of producing research-minded PhD graduates, while at the same time providing a comprehensive teaching experience.

Risk Management and Insurance

The Risk Management and Insurance PhD program is designed to develop an understanding of both theoretical and applied aspects of insurance, risk management, and employee benefits.